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Pandemic Boosts Demand for Smartweighpack’s Ready Meal Packaging Machine


With the influence of Corovirus-19, an expected take-out food and ready meals are increasing, home and global demand for frozen foods ready meals is at an all-time high. Which means it’s more important than ever to have the right market insights and the right technology to make the most of your frozen foods opportunities. To meet the market requirement, we are lauching our screw weigher for stick food as well as frozen weigher 18 head with vacuum pouch packing machine system as well as thermoformer which can optimise the frozen packaging process purpose.

Vacuum packing solution in pouches

For weighing the sticky material, such as chicken, pork,duck, fish, beef and so on . Smartweighpack's sticky material weigher are a revolution in weighing of fresh and sticky products. With over 12 years experience in the food industry, we understand the challenges faced by food processors and packers. Manufacturers and processors of meat, poultry, fish, seafood, dairy and fresh sticky material produce can now automate their weighing processes, reducing labour requirements, increasing speed and accuracy and dramatically improving efficiency. The video https://youtu.be/3X9Qi8jXSbk shows how smartweighpack sticky material combination weigher works to ensure the fast and accurate weighing of produce, and packing product into vacuum pouches.

Further benefits include:

1.The maximum weighing speed of the sticky material combination weigher is 50 P/M
2.Screw feeding to help transfer the difficulty product, ensure sticky product can flow evenly to the feed hopper.
3.8 degree linear feeder pans double ensure product moving easily
4.IP65 waterproof washdown machine case, material contact part with dimple plate, 55 discharge chute, prevent product stick on the chute, ensure the accuracy and save cost. let the material fall smoothly,
5.Heating and anti-condensation device, as well as drying machine device for optional, effectively prevent the electrical components from damage because of humidity and cold packing environment;
6.Easy cleaning and conformity to hygiene regulations; step motor water proof, prolong the porduction life of the scale.
7.Flexible interface with tray sealing machine, thermo forming packing machine, skin packing machine, vertical form fill sealing machine, rotary packing macine or vacuum packing machine, like Multivac, Ulma, VARIOVAC
8.Scrape gate hopper prevent product stick on the hopper, to get beter the accuracy
9.24 hours on line with english speaking serviceman for training and remote service, 1st eye on the system running anlysis

Tray sealing packing solution

project video can refer https://youtu.be/N6FcTF9qcQg



1.Microwave oven cooked, easy for cooking.
2.Mixture different taste dishes in one tray, rice, chicken, sauce, vegetable like mushroom
3.Gas inserting, vacuum avaible to porlong food life
4.Cleaning easiler, allow some drain water to clean the machine directly, save cost on the mataincece
5.Enable contactless packaging and verification.  

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