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What are the structure and performance of the high-speed checkweigher?


High-speed checkweigher is also called online checkweigher, weight sorting scale, and weight sorting machine. It is a kind of weight detection, upper and lower limit judgment used in automated assembly lines and logistics conveying systems, or automatic inspection based on whether the product is qualified or not. Heavy equipment. It is widely used in online testing in pharmaceutical, food, toy, hardware and other industries. In addition, it can directly replace manual weighing to improve production efficiency and reduce labor to reduce costs. 

Let's learn about the structure and performance of the high-speed checkweigher:

Smartweigh high-speed checkweigher

The high-speed checkweigher consists of three parts: the front conveyor hook, the middle weighing mechanism and the alignment powder sorting mechanism:

1. Front-end conveyor hook: transport the measured product to the weighing mechanism, set an initial speed for the object, and restore stability after entering the weighing mechanism; instead of isolating and damping the front material to ensure the accuracy of measurement .

2. Intermediate weighing mechanism: This part is a key part of the entire mechanical system, and its structural design and installation accuracy directly affect the measurement accuracy of the system. It is composed of conveying motor, photoelectric monitoring part and load cell. Complete dynamic weighing of objects.

3. Grading and sorting mechanism: This part is the action part of sorting, which is composed of conveying part, pneumatic valve, hopper and so on. Complete the rejection and sorting of the unqualified part of the object. The rejection method can be set to blow, push rod, shift rod, drop and other methods.

The performance of the checkweigher

1. The operation interface is clear and simple, intuitive reading of numbers, all data statistics functions, system parameters, and recipe parameters are password protected.

2. It can continuously operate on-line operations, with good repeatability, and maintain precision and accuracy, reduce errors and ensure improved production efficiency.

The automatic checkweigher is based on dynamic weighing technology, and realizes the functions of automatically transporting the products "in motion" to the weighing platform for weighing, and automatically classifying and rejecting. With its advantages of full automation, high precision, 100% detection rate, simple operation and maintenance, and complete functions, heavy scales provide the food, chemical and battery industries with a choice to ensure quality, reduce costs, and improve production efficiency. The automatic sorting scale is specially designed to handle all types of products and packaging, from bags, bags, cans, pallets and cartons, everything is available.

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