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What Are The Types And Developing Of Food Filling Machine?


First, the market demand for food filling machine is large

In recent years, packaging machinery has developed, and the domestic market demand is large. This brings a market to filling machinery, but it also brings pressure. In order to meet the needs of consumers, the filling machine industry must continue to develop, and strive to go the front end of the market, which also brought interest to the manufacturer. The manufacturer seized the consumer demand, launched a variety of food filling machinery equipment to accommodate the needs of packaging manufacturers.

Second, food filling machine species:

There are many kinds of food filling machines. Below is some new food filling machines that Smarweigh Pack collected through various channels, hoping to bring economic benefits to enterprises, driving the development of the company.

1, New generation of sterile filling machine

The market has been newly launched a series of sterile filling machines that can handle multiple products, multiple containers, and multiple sizes. The system can replace traditional bactericidal tunnels, and their magnetic controlled filling mouth ensures simultaneous filling liquid. And half liquid products (slurry, granules) reach a sterile effect.

2, Electronic capacity filling machine

Electronic capacity filling machine has an electronic flowmeter filling valve suitable for various bottle types, and the machine contains a control panel of different product parameters in the machine. The central PLC control to rotate can ensure continuous data transmission reliable. The filling process is controlled by the dedicated flow meter associated with the filling valve, there is no vertical mechanical movement in the filling, so there is no wear, maintenance-free, easy to clean. The sterile control valve is not in contact with the container during the filling process, which is ideal for filling in a sterile environment.

3, Electronic rotating PET filling machine

The electronic rotating PET filling machine is a single-machine combined with rotating bottles, filling, closure new systems, conversions between different bottles and packaging can be completed within a minute. It is suitable for non-inflatable beverages, carbonated beverages, fro-meat beverages, filling temperatures from 5 ° C ~ 70 ° C, per hour can reach around 44,000 bottles.

4, New container anti-pressure electronic filling machine

A new container back pressure electron filling machine is a new device developed according to the principle of electromagnetic flow meter. It has three different canned forms: a sterile inflatable beverage that is in contact with the nozzle, a sterile non-inflatable beverage that is not in contact with the nozzle, a bottle with nozzle contact with nozzle and an inflated drink. This machine can be called a universal filling system that can handle various different specifications of bottles and products with extremely high packaging quality and operational safety.

Third, the food filling machine broad prospect

With the continuous development of society, the continuous development of science and technology, consumers have more strict requirements for filling machinery. I believe that the filling machinery will continue to develop better mechanical equipment, bring convenience to our lives. Domestic Science and technology levels continue to improve, have been developed in recent years, and believe that the development of food filling machines must be more beautiful.

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