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What’s The Difference Between VFFS, Horizontal And Pillow Packing Machine?


Vertical packaging machine: The roll film is usually at the upper end of the machine. The roll film is made into a shaped packaging bag by a vertical bag-making machine, and then filled, sealed, etc.

The horizontal packaging machine is roughly divided into two types: premade bag and self-made bag.

Premade bag packing machine means that the existing prefabricated packaging bags are placed in the bag-holding area, and the processes of opening, blowing, metering, cutting, sealing, printing etc.

The difference between the self-made bag type and the premade bag is that the self-made bag type needs to automatically complete the process of roll forming or film forming.This process is basically completed in a horizontal form.

Pillow packaging machine: The packaged items are transported horizontally by the conveying mechanism to the roll or film inlet (the roll or film is now in a cylindrical shape through the bag making machine, and the packaged items will enter the cylindrical packaging material), Afterwards, it runs synchronously, and in turn goes through heat sealing, vacuum (vacuum packaging) or air supply (inflatable packaging), cutting and other processes. For example: bread, chocolate, biscuits, instant noodles and other foods are packed by pillow packaging machine. Compared with horizontal packaging and vertical packaging, pillow packaging is aimed at blocks, strips, spheres, and other relatively individual items or integrated items. For example, Shuangweiyao, dry batteries, even packaged food (instant noodles), etc., all belong to pillow-type packaging.

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