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Why Smartweighpack Cannabis / Marijuana Weighing Solution?


with the news of Cannabis Legalization, the demand for cannabis weighing solution is dramatically increasing, Smartweighpack as one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of cannabis & marijuana weighing packaging machines. We are extremely proud that our mini serier multihead weigher packing machine is accurately stably with 0.01- 0.02g wth high speed.

At smartweighpack company, we manufacture a multi-head weigh filler machine under the brand name of smart weigh. Our mini 14/ 16 head 0.3L / 0.5L bucket are for weighing cannabis or marijuana. We adopt the latest technology, best high accurate load cell from Germany, and the combination principle to obtain the best weight.  

Howd does the weighing machine work?

With three model configurations, 14H, 16H and 24H, every head has its own load cell. In weighing marijuana, the process starts with the filling of your marijuana product to the center of the combination scale wherein the product will travel through vibration from the cone to the singular vibratory feeder pans.

All the feeder pans will work together in moving the marijuana product to the weighing bucket for the weighing and measuring processes.

After weighing the product, the weigh filler’s mother boad will determine the buckets that have met a near perfect match and once that match is determined, it is locked and the buckets will dispense all together to the automatic packaging machine like vertical form fill sealing or premade bag packing machine or canning machine or to a worker that will do the manual packaging.

This automatic marijuana weigh filling machine is capable of dramatically reducing hours to thousands of hours of hand labor. Recognized as the most advanced weigh filler for marijuana to have ever been created, the smartweighpack cannabis weighing machine is a high-performance machine that is great for production needs that require high consistency and tight accuracy applications when weighing marijuana and cannabis products.

The smartweighpack weighing machine is constructed with open frame 304 stainless steel frame that resulted to a clean and uncluttered weigh filler wherein there’s no chance for bacteria to grow. To improve the product flow and make changeover convenient, we also included a swing-out hopper that is extremely adjustable. Since the machine uses advanced technology and is completely automated, there’s no need to much maintaince on it. So to make it safer and easier for technicians to clean and maintain it, we made use of a smart electrical.


We offer a wide variety of automated cannabis bagging machines pre-made pouches zippered pouches.

Our cannabis bagging machines are designed to automatically open, fill and seal pre-made pouches and offer packaging machines for both entry level applications, mid range requirements as well high-speed production rates.

In order to keep up with the demands of cannabis bagging requirements we have engineered the mini doypack as well as rotary packing machine, linear horizontal doypack Bagger to operate on a wide variety of bag styles, including pillow, stand-up, gusseted, and quad bags with zipper closures.

Bottle filling and capping

We smartweighpack also offer whole complete bottle filling and capping line for cannabis weed, from bottle unscrabling, filling, cap lifting, capping to bottle labling, we can custom made the system according to customer’s bottle size and weight.

Our cannabis packaging systems can work with your current pouch supply or should you require assistance we can find the right material supplier for your marijuana retail needs.

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