Coffee granule packing machine focused on quality to use more at ease

by:Smart Weigh     2020-05-22
Coffee granule packing machine is easy to operate and improve benefit. The electromechanical integration technology design of coffee granule packing machine, with digital display and a variety of highly concentrated display of information, greatly reducing the action button and handle, and the program control, etc. Has greatly reduced operating procedures, operating personnel also easy to train. Regular coffee granule packing machine driven by asynchronous motor, in fact more in light load condition, energy waste. Electromechanical integration technology, instead of the asynchronous motor with frequency conversion motor, coffee granules by microcomputer automatic packing machine for good zui working point, random adjustment the output power of variable frequency motor, and can save 40% energy. Coffee granule packing machine, moreover, it improves the reliability of the product quality is guaranteed, efficiency is also improved. A new technology, once into productivity, often play a huge role. Such as coffee granule packing machine photoelectric positioning error is far less than that of mechanical positioning, microwave drying far better than the effect of electric heating drying, etc. , electromechanical integration technology used for coffee granule packing machines on time is not long, but the effect is obvious, function is enormous. Electromechanical integration of coffee granule packing machine advantages: 1, make the mechanical structure is greatly simplified. Control system is the machine to the organ, the traditional coffee granule packing machine control system adopts relay, contactor control circuit, the complex degree along with the increase in executive mechanism, and adjust the area increases with the increase of making machine is becoming more and more complex, to manufacture, adjustment, use and maintenance are inconvenient. And electromechanical integration, can use computer, sensor technology, new transmission technology to replace the heavy electrical control cabinet and device drivers, make plummet and number of component parts in structure is greatly simplified, became smaller. 2, improve product quality. There is a huge storage in microcomputer system, people can advance will affect the parameters of the coffee particles packaging machine work and related data stored in the microcomputer, it can automatic tracking the production process. When a parameter or several parameters change, the change in an instant feedback to the microcomputer, microcomputer parameter identification for these variations, judgment, and in a timely manner appropriate correction, make coffee granule packing machine keep zui better working condition. While traditional coffee granule packing machine in process parameters change, the adjustment by experience, it is hard to find good zui parameters, if some process parameters change at the same time, more confused about what to do. Such as coffee granule packing machine zui common plastic bags sealing machine, its sealing quality and packaging materials, heat sealing temperature and speed and so on. Such as material change ( Material, thickness) , coffee granule packing machine that temperature and speed also want to change, but how much change is difficult to master. Such as adopt computer control, all kinds of packaging materials zui preferred parameters of the sealing temperature and speed of matching the input computer memory, deserve to go up again the necessary sensors, coffee granule packing into automatic tracking system, in this way, no matter which process parameters change, can ensure the quality of zui better sealing. Parameters change, the more the adjustment part, the more the more the superiority of electromechanical integration, it is general control mode cannot be compared. Basic cleaning includes: 1. After coffee granule packing machine downtime should be timely clean the metering section, such as packaging, radix isatidis granule is refined sugar, salt, etc. , shall ensure that each class clean blanking plate and the rotary table, make its are not affected by corrosion. 2. For the heat sealing machine body, should often clean, to ensure the texture clear of coffee granule packing machine sealing. 3. Coffee granule packing machine photoelectric tracking light head, namely electric eye, should also be clean regularly, ensure the cursor small tracking error. 4. Scattered material plate material, need to clear in time, keep the parts clean. 5. Regular cleaning the dust inside the electrical cabinet, in case the coffee granule packaging machine such as poor contact failure. New machinery in use within a week must check the fastening parts to drive and activities, refueling and maintenance; After a month must be regular inspection maintenance; Regularly check each part of the coffee particles packaging machine screw, so as not to have loose phenomenon. Pay attention to the electrical part of waterproof, moistureproof, anticorrosive, rat. Electric cabinet and terminal should be clean, in case of electrical failure. Outage should make the two heat sealing roller in the open position, in case of burning the packaging materials. 4. Timing for coffee granule packing machine the gear mesh, arrange ushering bearing oiling hole filling oil lubrication and all moving parts. Filling of lubricating oil, please note that don't put the oil on the belt, to prevent causing slippage belt aging turn lost or damaged. After the output to spray ( A) Date of production, sealing, shrink film, etc. Mechanical and electrical integration in addition to coffee particles packaging machine can keep the original features, also gives many other functions. Such as liquid soft drinks coffee granule packing machine, it in conjunction with the pneumatic, electrical and mechanical joint, can be made box, sterilization, filling, sealing, etc, but if to the introduction of the microcomputer control system, is also can store such as production rate, product number, failure phenomena, the cause of the problem, such as data, at the same time to corresponding processing these data according to the actual situation, and print out the results, or displayed on the screen, greatly facilitate the operation. Make coffee granule packing machine function, improve the reliability. Electromechanical integration would also give coffee granule packing machine for automatic monitoring, dynamic detection, alarm can work, also a safety interlock control, overload and protection functions such as out of control, and has greatly improve the reliability of the coffee particles packaging machine. Mechanical and electrical integration is the development direction of coffee granule packing machine, it used the time is not long, but has shown great superiority, with the mechanical and electrical integration in the dissemination and promotion of coffee on the particle packing machinery, will play a positive role in the development of packaging industry in our country.
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