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How Much You Will Save In A Year?


Full automatic weighing and packing line VS Full manual weighing and packing 

One food factory manufacture candy, biscuits, seeds etc, one year’s output required is 3456tons(200g/bag, one day’s output is 11.52tons), whether need to purchase one set of full automatic weighing and packing line to replace present’s full manual weighing and packing, let us analysis:

Project 1: Full automatic weighing and packing line

1.Budget: one set of whole packing line is about $28000-40000

2.Output: 60bags/minutes X 60minutes X 8hours x 2 shift/day x 300days/yearX200g=3456tons/year

3.Accuracy: within+-1g

4.The number of workers: 5 workers /shift x2/day=10 workers/day

Project 2: Full manual weighing and packing

(table weigher for manual weighing, band sealer for manual sealing the bag.)

1.Budget: table weigher+band sealer=$3000-$5000

2.Output and number of worker: Manual feeding, weighing, filling, sealing need 4-5 worker, speed is about 10 bags per minute, one day’t output required is 11.52tons, if one sift, need 24-30 workers, if two sift need 48-60 workers.

3.Accuracy: within+-2g

Comprehensive evaluation:

1.Budget: Project 2 is cheaper compared with Project1($25000-$35000’s difference.)

2.Accuracy:Project 1 save product 17-20 tons per year compared with project2

3.Worker: Project 1 save 38-50 workers per year, if one workers’ salary is $6000 per year, for project 1, which can save$228000-$300000 per year.

Conclusion: Full automatic weighing and packing line is better than full manual weighing and packing.

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