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How To Choose Suitable Bag Style?


When customers think of what products they want to pack, most of they never think of how to request the packaging specifications of the packaging machinery factory. Now we will guild you how to choose suitable bag style.

The bag types provided by Smart Weigh are as follows:

Pillow Bg: There are three sealing, top,down, and back sealing. It is the most common bag in our daily life, when considering the budget, for packing machine and roll film, it is cheapest. If you want to save budget, this one is suitable for your needs.

Gusset bag: Pillow bag and gusset bag can share same VFFS packing machine, just need adding the gusset device, gusset bag can stand up. If you want your bag can stand up on the shelf, it isa good choise.

Quad Bag: It can stand up, and more beautiful in bag shape. If your budget is enough, this one can help your product win the market.

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