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What Is The Working Principle Of Multi Head Scales?


Let Smartweigh Pack introduct the working principle of multi head scale for you! There are eight detail processes when a multi head scale working.

1.The lifting machine is added to the upper material, so that the material is concentrated onto the main vibration plate, and then the material is evenly distributed to the wire vibrating plate on the main vibration plate by vibration of the main vibrating plate.

2. When the material is not or not enough to be measured by the material discharge detector, the material is transmitted to the motherboard, and then the feed signal is issued to the lift by the motherboard.

3. Thin hinges vibrate, send materials to each buffer through amplitude and wire oscillate.

4. When the motor is working, open the bucket to send the material in the bucket to the weighing fight, when participating in the combined weighted crane, the material is not enough, the material is not enough, the material in the buffer will be automatically infused.

5, the material is in the weighing fight, generates a weight signal through the sensor, and the AD module processing becomes a digital signal and transmitted to the main board of the intelligent control device through the data bus.

6, the CPU on the motherboard reads and records the weight of each weighing fight, and then selects the closest target weight combined with the combination of the target weight. And then issue a combination scale has been called the ready signal to prepare the material.

7. When the CPU receives the allowable discharge signal issued by the packaging machine, the CPU issues a command to start the drive to drive stepper motor, open the selected weighted fight, unload the material into the slant groove into the set. If it does not have a collection, it will go directly to the packaging machine and send a discharge signal that has been discharged to the packaging machine.

8. After weighing the flooding, the bucket will timely sign the bobbore, weigh, combined, and prepare for the next discharge.

There are all the intruduction of the working principle and processes of Smartweigh Pack multi head scale, if you want to get more information about weigher please contact us!

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