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What Is The General Trend Of Food Packaging Machinery Development?


(1) Accessibility:

Only emphasis on the production of the host without considering the integrity of the supporting equipment. The function of the food packaging machinery application will not be played. Therefore, developing a supporting equipment, making the host's functionality to expand, and is a critical factor in improving the market competitiveness and economy of equipment.

(2) Easy and convenient:

Future packaging machinery must have multi-function, simple adjustment, etc. Computer-based intelligent instruments will become a new trend of food packaging controllers. Structural design and structural motion control, etc. It can be accomplished by motor, encoders, and digital control (NC), power load control (PLC) and other high-precision controllers. Future packaging market high efficiency customer service and mechanical maintenance will be one of the most important competitive conditions.

(3) High automation:

In the future, packing machinery industry will cooperate with industrial automation trends, and technology development will develop in four directions. That is, mechanical function is diversified, structural design standardization and modularization, control intelligent, structural high precision.

(4) High productivity:

Food packaging machinery manufacturers pay more and more attention to development fast, low-cost packaging equipment, future development trends is smaller, more flexible, multi-purpose, high efficiency, so that time, reduce costs, so packaging It is combined, concise, and movable packaging equipment.

(5) Adapt to the requirements of the international market, develop and design green food packaging machinery:

In the design phase, you should consider that the packaging machinery has no effect or impact on the environment in its full life cycle (design, processing, assembly, use, maintenance. Us until the abandonment treatment treatment is minimized to enhance my country's packaging machinery Core competitiveness. The design should be used from the structure of the equipment, the materials used, manufacturing process, modular, detachable, balanced life, human machine engineering, usability and other aspects.

(6) Enterprises to specialize, scale development:

my country's food packaging machinery must take specialized roads. Refer to simple. The way to expand the number of production is that there is no way to develop high-end equipment. Strive to improve the technical content, fine products, do special, and stronger.

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