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The Challenges In Weighing And Packaging Machine Industry


Whether it is food or life supplies. Even large-piece home supplies need packaging. The packaging has become trend, and the weighing and packaging machine industry also flourifies. Especially for the food industry, all kinds of packaging equipment are endless. Package from printing to the microcomputer combination scale to the finished product package sale. Innovation in every annulus brings new changes to the food packaging industry. With the requirements of the international community's requirements for the food packaging industry. Competition is also intense behind the prosperity of domestic and foreign weighing and packaging machine markets is interpreting a battle market competition.

Food weighing and packaging machine industry live: domestic and foreign

As we all know, Chinese food weighing and packaging machine enterprises have many large numbers, small scale, low scientific and technological content. Only about 5% domestic food packaging machinery companies have the production capacity of the full package system, which can compete with international companies such as Japan, Germany, Italy. Most small food companies can only rely on imported packaging machinery. According to relevant data, the number of enterprises above Chinese packaging machinery industry reached 296 in 2018, with an industrial assets of 40.274 billion yuan, output value of 46.489 billion yuan, sales revenue reached 4.2454 billion yuan, profit approximately 2.324 billion yuan. It can be seen that Chinese domestic demand for packaging machinery is large. However, due to the domestic packaging machinery technology failed to meet the needs of food companies, the import volume of domestic packaging machinery and equipment has increased.

Chinese weighing and packaging machine development is: on the basis of introduction, digestion, and absorption, there is a certain innovation. Product technology content is also increasing. These packaging machinery products are combined with electromechanical, combined with the main aid, and develop in the direction. There are some problems in the development of our country's packaging machinery products. Mainly how to face the competition of foreign companies and foreign-funded enterprises, how to improve product levels, do work high speed, decrease in work, improve reliability, and how to make food and drug packaging machinery to sterilize.

Under the premise of improving the performance and reliability of weighing and packaging machines, the goal is electrified, and the microcomputerization is controlled. Advanced methods such as reliability design, optimize design and computer aided design. Advanced mechanical and components such as development combination, modular formulas, and improve the process level of the product. At the same time, it is combined with the international quality system. Various automatic detection techniques and equipment with vigorous development and packaging machinery. At present, Chinese packaging machinery is compared to advanced developed countries, and some of the processing technology and components have gaps. Some key materials have not reached the requirements. Europe and America have made great pressure on our country's food packaging machinery companies in Europe and America. Therefore, these are the issues of future breakthroughs and solutions in the field of weighing and packaging machine in China.

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