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Full automatic gummy candy snacks,lollipop mixture packing line

Smart Weigh Pack developed a new 6 mixture candy auto weighing packing machines for high speed and high precision, which speed up to 35 bags/min ( 35 x 60 minutes x 8 hours = 16,800bags/day). Individual candy weight can be controlled in different percentage, and the final mixture weight can be controlled within 1.5-2g.

Product:     gummy candy, lollipop and other snacks
Target weight:     6 mixture:14g/50g/70g/150g/350g/750g/1kg
Bag style      Pillow bag
Bag size:



165*205/250mm(150g/350g) 225*310m(750g,150g/1kg)

Speed:      35 bags per minute

Machine List

6 sets of Z bucket conveyor(4L hopper, addtional 150L big vibration feeder coated withteflon)

6 sets of 10 head multihead weigher(1.6L hopper, dimple plate with teflon coated.)

One set of big working platform to support 6 sets of weigher

One set of bowl elevator(3L bowl, coated with teflon)

One set of 520 VFFS packing machine(addtional 4 bag former for various bag size, coated with teflon.)

One set of output conveyor(300mm belt width)

One set of 220 check weigher(220mm belt width)

One set of X ray machine




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