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How to pack powder at high speed? By automatic auger powder VFFS packing machine

If you're packaging delicate spice powders, you need a vertical auger powder filler machine to pack into bag.These type of condiment packing machine designed to pack product automatically in big capacity and hard to pack by labor .

Vertical form fill seal flavors packaging machiney packing all kinds of powder products such as coffee powder,milk powder,spice powder,washing powder,wheat powder,dye powder,coco powder,rice powder etc with speed of up to 40 bags per minute .


Specification of the packing line as below :



Weighing Range

10 - 1000 g

Bag Size

80-350mm(L) ; 50-250mm(W)

Bag Style

Pillow Bag; Gusset Bag; Four side seal

Bag Material

Laminated film; Mono PE film

Film Thickness





100 - 500g,≤±1%; > 500g,≤±0.5%

Hopper Volume


Control Penal

7" Touch Screen

Air Consumption

0.8Mps  0.4m3/min

Power Supply

220V/50HZ or 60HZ; 15A; 4000W

Driving System

Servo Motor

Auger powder filling machine measuring weight of powder by screwing.Different sizes of screw for different weight .It can equipment with vertical form fill seal machine to pack pillow bag,pillow gusset bag ,quad bag ,and complete with rotary premade bag packing machine for filling flat bag,stand up pouch,zipper bag etc .

Automatic Salt Sachet Packing Machine

Vertical form fill seal machine automatically packaging,date coding,sealing and making one bag .According to customer needs,the bag types can be changed:back seal, three sides seal, four side seal.


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