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Automatic weighing Korean Kimchi pickle bottle packing line

Smart Weigh Pack developed a new Korea kimchi pickle bottle auto weighing packing line, which speed up to 30 bottles/min ( 30x 60 minutes x 8 hours = 14,400 bottles/day). 

Its big challenge is the sticky problem and auto feeding. Korea kimchi is very sticky, common weigher can not handle such sticky problem, and also can not provide a good solution for auto feeding such sticky product. But Smart Weigh do it via using our newest design 16 head linear combination weigher. It can apply in very sticky product like Korea kimchi, Sichuan pickle, sticky meat etc.



pickle jar packing line


ProductKorean Kimchipickle
Target weight300/600g/1200G
Package WayBottle/jar
Speed20-30 bottles per minute

16 head linear combination weigher 

-- Screw feeding and scraper hopper for extra sticky products,also ensure the taste for pre-mixed food with sauce. 

-- Interchangeable hopper design enables easy maintenance and washdown. 

-- Optional extra sets of screw feeder for different products. 

-- Compact design minimize the footprint.

Machine List

Elevatorauto lift
Working platformsupport weigher
Double filling machineauto filling(each time two jars)
Washing machinewashing the outside of jar/Rinse the bottle
Drying machinedrying by air
Bottle feeding machineauto feeding empty bottle
Check weigherreject over or less target weight product
Shrinking machineauto shrinking
Capping mchineauto feeding caps and auto capping
Labeling mchineauto label


      Flat conveyor convey the jars


16 head linear combination weigher
auto feeding and weighing
Details Photo
 Oscillation feeding pattern
Plain plate combination Weigher for Sticky food

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