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Noting the Factors When Buying The Multihead Weighing Machine


Multihead weighing machine is greatly improved in packaging accuracy and speed. At present, because the multihead weighing machine are calculated, the combined speed (ie, weighing speed) is effectively improved. One ten heads of multi-head scales, weighing speeds up to 75 times / minute, sixteen heads of multihead weighing machine, weighing speeds up to 240 times / minute. Below I will take Smartweigh Pack factory as an example, introduce the use of a multi-head scale to the benefits of the company.

If you have already want to start the heart to buy a multihead weighing machine, then I will introduce you three factors that should be paid to you when purchasing a multihead weighing machine.

1. The first thing to consider when purchasing a multihead weighing machine is whether the multi-head scale is matched to the production line. The weighing speed of the multi-head scales depends primarily on the number of weighing buckets. The more weighing and memory struggles, the faster the scale is rapid. If the user has a ready-made packaging machine, then the speed of the packaging machine should be referred to when the speed of the multi-head scale is selected, but the speed of the multi-head scale should be slightly higher than the running speed of the packaging machine.

2. Subject to consider the weighing range, material size, shape, viscosity, such as weighing, the material is large. Should consider the choice of larger engagement, weighted, memory fight, if the material is sticky when purchasing a multi-head scale Conditioning, engaging, weighing buckets, vibrating tanks, and chutes in contact with material should have anti-bonding, otherwise the speed and accuracy of the multi-head scale will affect the speed and accuracy of the multi-head scale.

3. The third factor is the weighing accuracy of the multihead weighing machine. Since the multi-head scales are very mature products, the difference companies which sale the multi-head scales is not very large, but since the measurement is different, the weighing accuracy of each multi-head scale from different company will also have some differences.

The multihead weighing machine are basically no need to repair during use, and only daily cleaning can be made. In addition, food companies should pay special attention to two points during the use of multiple head scales: First, maintain the sustainability, stability and rationality of feed as much as possible. If the feed is more abused, the material in the weighing bucket is too much or too small, which will cause the combination of multi-head scales or unable to combine, thereby reducing the speed and accuracy of weighing; Second, the demolition weighing should be light as possible, excessive force will cause the load sensor to be damaged and the weighing accuracy is even unused.

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