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Author: Smartweigh–Multihead Weighter

With the improvement of the regulations on continuous and moderate metrological verification of raw materials, especially solid raw materials in the whole process of industrial production, and the new multihead weigher (English Loss-in-weight) of metrological verification machinery in the 1990s, it can be considered this provision. With the change of the net weight of the raw materials on the scale, the raw materials are accurately and accurately measured again. The emergence of the multihead weigher gradually replaces the original electronic product belt scale, spiral scale and even accumulation scale, as a new upgrade. Measurement and measurement verification methods are more and more widely used in metallurgical industry, mining, pharmaceutical companies, chemical fibers and other fields. Lost net weight scale.

The scale consists of the following components: weighing platform (sensor fixed on the weighing platform base); raw material variable frequency speed regulating motor (in addition, it can drive spiral and horizontal mixing); raw material storage; vertical mixing; conductive conductive soft connection ; Net weight lacks scale control instrument (IND560CF), these. In order to make continuous metrological verification better in the operation process, the field must also be equipped with a large hopper, a fully automatic shut-off valve (the expected effect is to fill the storage room of the multihead weigher with raw materials again), and receiving machinery (the expected effect is Again accept the raw material of the multihead weigher) etc. The second is basic.

All mechanical equipment on the scale, loading bin and expected effect scale is used as the whole weighing platform, and the sensor continuously sends the total weight change on the scale floor to the multihead weigher controller (the manipulator is an important part of the multihead weigher, and the whole operation process The control instrument calculates the total weight elasticity coefficient of the weighing platform per unit time according to the data signal, as a specific acceleration total flow, and then compares it with the set total overall target total flow to carry out PID accurate measurement, Get the total current data signal, output 4-50 meters A. In order to ensure the continuity of the multihead weigher raw materials and the accuracy of the measurement verification, the raw material warehouse must be equipped with a large raw material hopper for sustainable use and a fully automatic shut-off valve for filling in the operation process. Set the filling amount on the raw material (Refill_Stop) and the filling amount under the raw material (Refill_Star) in the control instrument. After the filling amount of the control instrument scale is carried out, the net weight of the scale body will reach the filling amount, and then open the filling amount. The data signal of the filling completion valve, and then the raw materials in the large hopper are connected to the feeding warehouse according to the conductive mobile phone, and the net weight of the scale body reaches the data signal of the filling completion valve, and then the net weight of the scale body is added. The data signal of the charging completion valve, in the whole process, the raw material motor has been working, in other words, the raw material is continuous.

For this kind of raw materials with poor circulation, light and thin, a part of the net weight does not need to be weighed in a short time after closing the shut-off valve. At this time, it is assumed that the balance scale in the weightless state carries out PID control according to the data signal transmitted by the sensor, and the net weight change time perceived by the sensor may be shortened, so the operation process of the weightless state frame of the data signal is strictly prohibited. The feeding time (Timer2) is set in the instrument, that is, the recording time has just started when the shut-off valve is turned off. When the start and end time of feeding is the feeding time, the motor of feeding will keep the previous frequency of feeding.

In other words, throughout the whole process, the balance scale with net weight damage is operating under the condition of a fixed frequency position. After the stoppage time multihead weigher is carried out, the automatic repair and parallel processing is carried out, that is, the operation process of the raw material motor is carried out according to the data signal pushed by the sensor. The entire operation of the multihead weigher is such a circulatory system.

In order to better ensure that the net weight lacks the line type of the scale, in addition to the key main parameters mentioned in the control instrument, there are also the following main parameters: Baidu search Baidu search engine improvement (proportional coefficient p value); Baidu search Baidu Search engine improvement (requires difference time value); Caltime (total traffic sampling time today); CCTV (total traffic sampling frequency today); reference traffic monitoring target; CCTV (traffic monitoring allowable reasons for deviations) ); CCTV (total traffic sampling frequency today); CCTV (total traffic sampling frequency today); CCTV (traffic monitoring allowable reasons for deviations); CCTV (CCTV); CCTV station (the total flow of raw materials is less); CCTV station (the total flow of raw materials is less); CCTV station (the total flow requires important adjustment of the flow. Centralized viewing and management center video speed. The third is the design of the multihead weigher. difficulty.

In order to better improve the line type of the multihead weigher, the following aspects must be paid attention to in the design scheme. Select a suitable operating frequency. The operating frequency should preferably be maintained at 35Hz~40Hz. When the frequency is too low, the reliability of the system software is weak. The inspection range of the sensor is suitable, and it is suitable for 60%~70% of the inspection range. The data signal conversion covers a large area, which is beneficial to improve the linearity.

3. The mechanical system design scheme must ensure that the raw material has excellent circulation. In addition, the feeding time is short, and the feeding should not be too small. Generally, it takes 5min~10min to fill the raw materials.

4. The transmission device of auxiliary machinery and equipment should operate stably and have good linear shape. 4. Common problems encountered in the whole process of installation and application of multihead weigher: In order to better ensure the accuracy of multihead weigher, the following aspects must be paid attention to in the whole process of installation and application. 1. The scale frame must be fixed firmly.

The sensor is an elastically deformable component, and external vibration will damage its use. According to the working experience, the most taboo of the multihead weigher in the whole process of application is the vibration damage of the terrain. 2. The storm circulation system is unlikely in the topography. In order to better improve the accuracy of the scale, the selected sensor is very smart, and all attitudes will cause damage to the sensor.

3. The upper and lower conductive conductive conductive soft connections are soft and soft to prevent the following mechanical equipment from causing adverse effects on the scale with insufficient net weight. The most ideal raw material used today is the decontamination soft silk concentrate. 4. The connection interval between the large hopper and the upper silo is small and high, especially for such highly adhesive raw materials, the connection interval between the large hopper and the upper silo is large, and the bonding is very thick. On the raw materials, the thick and thin raw materials are bonded at a certain level, which will cause huge damage to the multihead weigher.

Minimize the contact with the outside, but the effective net weight outside the scale must be smooth, in order to better reduce the damage to the scale caused by external force. 6) The filling rate is faster, and it is necessary to ensure the smoothness of the raw materials in the whole process of filling. For raw materials with poor liquidity, in order to better prevent the occurrence of railway bridges, the best solution is to add mechanical stirring in the large hopper. In the work, the most ideal is that the whole process of stirring and filling is consistent, that is, it goes together with the filling shut-off valve.

7. The lower limit value of filling material and the upper limit value of filling must be consistent. The general policy chosen is that the relative density of the stacking of the two raw material warehouses in the middle is basically the same. In this way, the frequency transition of the soft starter can be carefully observed. When the apparent density of the raw materials in the raw material library file is basically the same, the frequency transition of most soft starters is not significant.

The setting of the lower limit value of the filling material and the upper limit value of the filling material is suitable for improving the linearity of the whole process of filling the material. During the whole process of filling the material, the multihead weigher is in the operation process of the data type. If it can be maintained The frequency basis of the left and right soft starters of filling raw materials will not change, and the measurement accuracy of the whole process of filling raw materials is also largely guaranteed. In addition, under the condition of ensuring that the bulk density is basically the same, the frequency of feeding should be avoided as much as possible, that is, each feeding should be as much as possible. The differences between the two must be considered comprehensively.

In the entire process of filling raw materials, it is also fundamental to ensure accuracy. 8. The setting of filling time must be appropriate. The general policy of the setting is to ensure that all raw materials are already on the scale, the higher the setting time the better.

According to statistics, the loss of net weight scales during the replenishment period is a data-type operation process, so the lower the period, the better. At this time, it can still be observed by heart. In the adjustment stage, this people's court time can be set for a long time. After each replenishment is carried out, the total weight of the balance scale can not fluctuate (not easy to increase) and stabilize (the balance scale decreases steadily). . At this time, this time is the right time to replenish the tasting time.

The fifth result The paper discusses the basic concept and design scheme of multihead weigher in detail, and the problems that should be paid attention to in the whole process of application, especially in the key links in the whole process of application. I look forward to sharing the precious work experience, and it will be more helpful to everyone. A good use of the multihead weigher can help. Only by paying attention to this vital issue can we ensure that the line shape of the multihead weigher will produce a compliant product.

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